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5 Reasons Why Business Modernization is Valuable

More businesses than ever are leaving behind legacy IT systems in favour of a more modernized approach to work.

Nowadays, when we think of business IT, we are less inclined to think of large servers in the office, taking space and producing lots of noise and heat. Instead, we like to think about streamlined infrastructures, digital solutions, etc. With all of this said, it should also be said that many businesses have not yet taken the plunge to modernize their organisation. We discussed this with some B2B IT support companies that have been known to help companies with this. One business that spoke with us – a London-based company that provides IT support Law Firms have used for years – listed some oft the top reasons why businesses should consider modernizing.

What is Business Modernization?

As technology advances, solutions that a business might have considered more than suitable a few years ago may seem quite dated. This has always been the case with technology. However, nowadays, there are ways and means for businesses to leverage technology that is continually improved, so that they get the benefits of it – a good example would be public cloud services.

There are many modern technologies that are considered future proof, and give businesses the potential o innovate and adapt more readily – this is the key objective of business modernization. According to one company we spoke with that provides business IT support London-based companies have relied on since 2010, modernization efforts help business become more agile and resilient – a good example of this was with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020; businesses that had already begun modernizing were much better equipped to adapt to these new circumstances.

5 Reasons to Modernize

There are many good reasons for businesses to consider modernizing their technology and business model. Below are five of the most notable reasons:

  1. Increase Customer Value

With customer expectations changing, businesses need to adapt their model to meet those expectations. With more and more consumers turning to digital channels – social media, polished websites and apps, streamlined purchasing, etc. – businesses can work towards generating greater customer value through modernization.

  1. Enjoy a Simpler Architecture

After years of patches and integrations, it is quite common for business’ on-premise IT architectures to be quite complex – and complex infrastructure is more prone to faults. Modernizing with solutions like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), so that one can build a streamlined, flexible cloud architecture is a common step in modernization; one which offers greater simplicity and scalability.

  1. Organisational Agility

There are many ways in which relying on a legacy IT infrastructure holds back a business. A good example is with the reliance on servers in a business. An organisation can free themselves of those limitations through cloud services like Software as a Service (SaaS) – for instance, a company we spoke to which provides Microsoft 365 consulting stated that cloud app suites allow businesses to function with greater flexibility and speed.

  1. Adopt and Deploy Services Easier

Modernizing one’s IT infrastructure can open many doors for a business. For example, modern platforms can make integrating new solutions much easier for businesses. Not only does this help future-proof one’s IT architecture, but it means businesses have more avenues to innovate new services for their customers – as we mentioned earlier, generating customer value through technology is very viable.

  1. Become More Responsive

Modernizing one’s IT allows an organisation to become more responsive and reactive. For instance, adapting to changes in the market used to be difficult for businesses with rigid infrastructure; but, with agile platforms and solutions, businesses can easily respond to market and customer-based change.

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