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Smart Home Devices for a College Dorm or Apartment

If you’re on a budget and looking for smart devices that can make your everyday life easier while juggling a part-time job, classes, and a social life, and just for adding that extra touch of personalization to your university dorm or apartment, then do we have some smart home devices for you!

Smart Home Devices can easily help homeowners and students alike to live a much more comfortable living. With a hectic everyday routine, your room or apartment becomes your safe space to take a break and rest, and also as your separate workspace in order to focus and remain motivated.

Smart devices like voice assistants, smart bulbs, smart plugs, and smart door locks would be great for the everyday stressors of your life if you’re a student. So here is what you should know about them.

Smart Bulbs

Students, especially those that have irregular sleeping patterns or difficulty focusing need a little extra help in setting the right ambiance to get that focus right, or even just to make sure they don’t unnecessarily leave the lights on – because hey, bills! Smart bulbs allow users to set schedules so even if students intend on dozing off while studying, they can set a timer for the lights to automatically turn off.

With smart bulbs, such as the Sengled Classic A19 LED Bulb users can easily control their bulbs from their smartphone application and can switch between a warm glow to help get their sleeping patterns right, or a brighter light to make you focus on your assigned readings that need to be covered before the next class. What’s more is that some smart bulbs also feature different colored lights, so that comes in handy for the house parties that could potentially be thrown!

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are usually an essential part of a smart home set-up, however since they can be on the pricier end of the scale given that they come featured in smart speakers, there are certain smart speakers that fall within the affordable range – also our smartphones feature built-in voice assistants too!

If you’re living with a few flatmates or dorm roommates you can all pitch in to get a smart speaker that will be functional for each member since most of them, especially Google Assistant and Alexa allow for up to 6 users to have a personalized experience with one single device.

With voice assistants, users can easily sync any smart device that they may have, and control them through voice enabled commands. With features like ‘routines’ available with Google Assistant, users can create custom commands that follow specific instructions across all devices. For example, users can customize a “Goodbye Google” voice command that will automatically instruct the smart thermostat to turn the temperature down to away mode, turn off any smart bulbs and smart plugs not in use and lock the doors with the smart locks – provided any of these devices are installed in the dorm or apartment.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs would be life changing for students. Imagine not running back to your dorm room to check whether you switched off the curling iron or whether you unplugged the microwave in the kitchenette. In student accommodations, fines are quite hefty if there is any hazard thanks to a silly mistake on a student’s part. Smart Plugs allow for them to use their smartphones to check whether the plug is left switched on or off. It could prevent a lot of otherwise avoidable accidents, and should any student be living in an apartment that they personally pay the bills for, it would ideal to minimize the energy wastage.

Smart Cameras and Smart Locks

College dorms and apartments can become an easy target for burglary if you forget to lock your doors, or simply have easy-to-pick locks, or if you have roommates that you don’t quite trust. For these reasons investing in a smart camera or a smart lock can be a great idea.

With a smart door lock, students can use their smartphones to remotely lock and unlock their doors. It’s perfect for when your friend needs to get something from your room to bring to campus, or to check the lock status just to be sure if your roommate locked the door when they left for class. These locks are keyless and tamperproof which makes your home or dorm room impenetrable.

Smart Cameras on the other hand are great to watch over your living space, as well as communicating with your roomies. When you aren’t around to make sure the cleaning ladies are doing their job right or just want to prove yourself right that it’s your roommate that snores so loudly, smart cameras are ideal to set up anywhere in the room or apartment. The video feed is accessible from smartphones and laptops so even while you’re in class or in the library you can watch over your dorm. Surely there are a ton of uses coming to your mind when it comes down to smart cameras.


These are just some of the smart devices that we think would be useful for everyday things for students. There are of course a lot more smart devices that could potentially be of some use to particular people. You can browse through FirstEnergy Home’s website for a better idea on some more smart devices in their Smart Home catalog.

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