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Oneplus Screen Repair: Things You Should Know

You’re walking outside on the mall on a busy street and looking for your Uber,and having the phone in your hand ,suddenly you loose the grip of your phone and it falls flat on the ground you pick it up just to find broken screen of your latest one plus phone . This can, and has, happened in many different types of scenarios, each one will be more painful than the previous one. What you should do now ? Either buy a new phone or Get the The original screen replaced The cost is very high of a New Oneplus Phone so a better option is to the Screen Replaced .

Now Choose the Best

You can Consider Mobidoc for OnePlus Service in Delhi NCR region. With Over 5 years of collective experience we are sure to provide you with best of services at all times. We at Mobidoc endeavor our best to provide a satisfactory resolution to any issue relating to your device. Right from the parts/ spares sourcing to fitting/fixing 100% ORIGINAL Quality is guaranteed. Whatever may be the issue with your OnePlus device whether broken screen glass or Broken Amoled screen replacement we do the job in just under 45 minutes, Other issues like Speaker sound /Microphone / Charging / Camera / Battery / or software related matters are all taken care of with utmost precision by our highly skilled engineers. The Repairs done by us Come With A Three Month Warranty with no question asked.

Service Delivery Options :

We Have Various Services available for our valued clients. You may either call and fix an appointment for repairing of your device at our service center or you can order online and ask for pick and drop service. Our Engineers can also visit your location at a given time for certain services like screen replacement of select models subject to location area/region.

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