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Beginners Guide to Sell on Amazon

Are you new to Amazon and wish to become a top seller? For this, you need a detailed guide on how things take place on this platform. It’s always been difficult for beginners to start selling as the initial process requires hell a lot of steps. No need to worry as this guide would tell you how to create our account and start selling step by step. So let’s have a look

Registration Process

The first step is to get yourself registered on Amazon. You are offered two plans in which one is a professional while the other one is the individual plan. It depends upon your selling motive and how many items you wish to sell. As per Amazon statistics and facts if you aim to sell items above 40 then the professional plan is recommended. Once you decide the plan you wish to use, the next step is the list of things you need.

Things you need to get started

There are some things you need to have for completing the registration process on Amazon. It’s not a list of something unique but some common things that everyone must possess. The list is following:

  • A Credit card
  • Taxation info
  • A credible bank account
  • Your national ID

Once you have these things there’s no hurdle in the registration process for you.

Creation of Seller Central

Once the registration step is complete every seller gets a seller central. It is an account where your entire business and all of the activities take place. Take the example of listing products and creating their descriptions. You can manage your payments here and change the inventory and much more. It is the main profile of the seller that is activated after the registration process. You can have all of the business reports and track all of the sales that you made during the day or month. Every Setting that you want to do can be done from Seller central. It is more or less the control unit of the seller.

Product Listing

Product listing is another important step to sell on Amazon. There are multiple ways to list a product that you can check from your competitor r introduce a new way that you deem would be more suitable. The listing of the product depends upon how they plan on selling their items in the market. It is your target to either sell B2C or B2B depending upon your mindset.

Product Delivery

The product delivery has never been hectic for sellers, want to know why? Amazon has its immense warehouses where the seller needs to just deliver the item and the remaining is up to Amazon. From packing to delivery at door step all is the responsibility of Amazon. So your only main task is at the beginning the rest are the exceptional services Amazon provides to its buyers as well as sellers.


There are some simple steps that you have to follow to create your own business on Amazon. However, this requires taking each step properly to ensure that you are in the right direction. Hope this guide would be of help to you. Thanks

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