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White-Label VoIP Solutions: All You Need to Know About It

VoIP is a recent trend in business telephony. All kinds of businesses are making use of VoIP solutions. Hardly a surprise when given all the advantages of VoIP services.

The proliferation of new communications technology always creates all kinds of opportunities for IT consultants. The more stuff there is to support – the more money to make. In this article, I will try to touch on these opportunities. Let’s see why they matter to your IT business.

Offering your own branded VoIP service makes sense if you own an IT firm. Here is why. Firstly, the white label hosted VoIP is a hot commodity. Secondly, white-label VoIP solutions are going to save you time and money. That’s because there would be no need to implement your own VoIP infrastructure. You have enough to do and don’t need more servers to maintain.

As I am sure you know, VoIP needs Internet. To complement your VoIP services, you may also want to offer high-speed Internet. Bundling these two is going to make them easier to sell. Most businesses like the cost savings of voice and data services bundling.

What is White Label VoIP?

White-label VoIP is a telecom provider business in a box. White-label VoIP lets an IT service company sell unified communication services under its brand. A unified communications service has voice service at its core. The actual provider of white label VoIP service remains in the shadow and does not get to talk to end-users. This puts you in charge of your relationship with the customer.

Few Benefits of White Label VoIP Solutions.

Cost-effective: A white-label VoIP solution is an excellent option for any IT business. It requires minimum investment since the cost to launch voice service is minimal.

Flexible: White label VoIP solutions are flexible. Hosted VoIP service is a customizable platform. It lets you set up a service to meet your customer’s needs. Think of it as a set of telecoms building blocks that you can arrange every and each way.

Time: Time to market is minimal. You wouldn’t need to implement your gateways, switches, and VoIP billing platform. There is no hardware and software to maintain, except for your customer’s phones. And that’s a beautiful thing as, I am sure, you want to focus on your core business. Of course, having a more extensive service portfolio also helps solidify your brand.

Security: One of the biggest worries for businesses is security. The old phone system may have been secure, but it was costly to maintain and had limited functionality. VoIP systems are inherently less secure. This is because voice traffic travels over the Internet. Anyone telling you that VoIP is more secure is lying.

Where some see a challenge, others may see an opportunity. VoIP relies on data network security. However, being an IT outfit, your company can offer security services to your client. Just saying.

Billing: Many white-label VoIP services come with built-in billing features. The service may offer to invoice and, in some cases, taxation. Taxation is a big deal. Telecom taxes are such a messy subject! For the record: telecom billing is costly and developing your own platform may take years.

Become a White Label VoIP Service Provider with DLS

DLS offers rich white label VoIP service to MSPs and IT consultants. As an IT firm, you already support your customer’s computers. There is no reason why you couldn’t provide their phone service. After all, bundling business voice can offer you a nice recurring revenue stream.

White-label VoIP can turn your business into a provider in no time. Adding telephony to your product portfolio will strengthen your company’s brand too.

Now we move to some shameless self-promotion. DLS’ white label hosted PBX comes with training and 24/7 support. Free support. MSPs get to learn how to set up phones and port clients’ phone numbers to the new VoIP phone system. Our training will teach you how to do smooth, pain-free onboarding. Obviously, you will also have complete control over branding.

Additionally, you can control billing, services, and operations. You will be able to design flexible billing plans for your customers. Apart from that, there are a few other benefits of becoming a white label VoIP service provider with DLS. You can improve customer retention and boosts sales. That alone must have value in these turbulent times. You will also be able to blow away customer expectations. Last but not least: your competitors are already doing it. Getting into the game will reduce pressure from the competitors.

Few Thoughts to End with:

That sort of sums it up for white label VoIP. Take a close look at our white label VoIP services to see if they are a fit for your IT business. Remember, the sleeping fox catches no chickens.

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